Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sweet New Mid Century Modern Desk

As we have been slowly weeding our house of the crappy ikea furniture we originally acquired when my wife and I first came together, we have been replacing it for the most part with stuff that we are making, or with pretty solid antiques from back when stuff was actually made in the USA.  The beautiful part is that we have been getting the bulk of it for way cheaper than anything we can get at any store.

We just scored this desk on craigslist for only $85 bucks, which is cheaper than I would have paid for the wood, solid walnut, had I been ambitious enough to try and build a desk myself.  It has sense left the garage, and is now being relegated to the home office.

The desk is from a company called "Mazor" from Washington Silver Springs, which I think is a suburb of the DC area, and that's all I can really find out about it, as there is really not much of an online record of the company.  Spending my childhood seemingly trapped in various antique stores, I suppose that I shouldn't be too surprised that as an adult I covet old things that smell of moth balls, ben gay, and the other various scents of old people.

The New Baby Room

Now that the baby is looming on the horizon, we've been getting the pressure from various family across the country to post some pictures of the baby room.  We are pretty close to being done with the exception of some additional artwork and the mural of Mack Brown I will be painting on the ceiling.  On a side note I am still completely frightened by the fact that someone like me can legally have a child...